Lee Sydney’s Surrealist Expressions

Surveillance of the Border Patrol in the Glass Cage (2014) oil on canvas 125cm x 87cm

A fine arts graduate, Lee Sydney’s series of oil paintings were inspired by the surrealist art movement as she found the style suitable for expressing her thoughts. Some of these paintings such as one of her favourites, ‘Surveillance of the Border Patrol in the Glass Cage’ (pictured above), and ‘The Red Sea of the Forsaken’ are her visual commentaries on issues that pertain to the LGBT community and gender equality. “A lot of people still fail or refuse to recognise the unfair stereotypes, so I wanted to place the viewers in the situation itself through my works and make them think outside the norms,” she explained.

Sydney further revealed that the pervasive element of water in her oil paintings is merely coincidental, “I kind of just painted water in all these paintings without even noticing it. Maybe I just liked that ‘lost’ feeling water gives me, I don’t know… ” Her oeuvre isn’t limited to oil paintings though, Sydney is a multidisciplinary artist as well. She draws, makes sculptures, and dabbles in collage-making. “I like to be able to switch between different mediums depending on the situation, whether it’s about the technique, or the art form, or the exhibition space.”

She added that being adaptable and flexible is a bonus in the creation of art. As for what the future holds, she will soon end her full-time retail/art gallery assistant position and is in the midst of applying for a Bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

Take a look at some of her work below:

Nature vs Nurture (2014) oil on canvas 94cm x 60cm

The Red Sea of the Forsaen (2014) oil on canvas 92cm x 128cm