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source: Laundry

T: 03 7728 1715
OPEN: 3pm – 1am

During the glory days of our former competitor JUNK 7 years ago, Laundry was where all the proto hipsters hung out at for live music. Hell, Hujan had their first big break and Reza Salleh regularly held shows there (still do). But alas, as with most venues, the test of time proved to be abrasive of their relevance; Laundry no longer had a decent pull. So it was high time that they decided to revamp the place. Perhaps inspired more by hip cafes decked in vintage décor, Laundry pays tribute to the past in a multitude of ways – even their current staff are made to wear rockabilly-minimalistic jeans and white tees, looking more like hipster-y baristas than bartenders. The front is adorned with a marquee and a small window showcases an authentic barbershop chair. Farther in, the walls and custom-made furniture are antithetical of what Laundry used to be – they are warmer now than the industrial cold that it was. Retro-looking posters of recent bands decorate the walls while disco balls are hung from the stage area in a rather non sequitur manner — it went from vintage chic to Studio 54 in a few steps. One of the VIP areas was of a particular interest to us, mainly because it reminded us of a doctor’s waiting room yet still manages to look cool. While the interior has changed, Laundry still retains its exterior for the football fans and happy hour patrons. Deft move to keep the potentially different crowds separated. JUICE sees massive potential in the new Laundry, with more music events that cater to today’s taste, we think they might just make a comeback.

CLIENTELE Walk-ins from the mall crowd, post-office hours happy hours crowd, patrons who want a relaxing time, their usual football crowd pre-renovation. Oh, and now it includes hipsters who formerly eluded them!

DRINKS Standard bar selection, but their cocktails are to die for. Try Electric Lemonade, In Bed with KC, Death by Chocolate, and Alice in Wonderland. Price ranges from RM20.90 to RM29.90.

HAPPY HOUR 4pm to 9pm

EATS Practically anything off Italiannies’ menu, but you can also order snacks exclusive to the bar only.

MUSIC POLICY The new Laundry promises to feature at least 1 international act. As of now, they had art pop duo YACHT to their name, a promising start if they want to attract the right crowd again. Beyond that, their regular nights include;

Cover Me (Wed) – Covers, covers, and more covers by the resident band.
Laundry Live (Thurs) – A collection of original acts from all genres; rock, indie, funk, pop, you name it.
Retro Night (Fri) – Indebted to the vintage chic design of the new Laundry, plays music from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s.
Beat Kitchen (Sat) – Hosted by DJ Fuzz and friends, naturally hip hop-centric.
Recovery Chill Out Sunday – Noticing the trend in day parties, Laundry has its own weekly day party to mend that hangover of yours with even more drinks. Residency is by Gaijin.

DRESS CODE Just look nice. Would be cool if you come decked in vintage wear to complement the environment.

PARKING We recommend e@Curve, the likelihood of finding a parking spot there is greater than The Curve.