What Went Down: Laundry x Lunch Actually: Love At First Sit


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We’ve seen in plots of television shows and romantic comedies, so when the invitation was offered to attend a speed dating event, we’d thought it’d be something exciting to do than attend the usual music gig or a weekly recap with friends over brunch. We didn’t know what to expect of the event, but one thing we knew was that participants had to pay a fee of RM160 to join. It was a hefty price, we thought. And it also got us thinking about the sort of people who would pay such an amount to speed date…

Well from the men who we spoke to, they were a group of middle-aged men who focused too much of their attention and time on their careers. So, they were very earnest in this speed dating shebang– they expressed their likes and dislikes clearly (and once they had to go through 13 tables of women, it must have become a routine.) Each speed date would last for 8 minutes, so we found ourselves constantly speaking because awkward silences are disquieting when we can’t excuse ourselves from the table. We were the chattiest we’ve ever been.


We treated the date as more of an interview session. We didn’t even have to employ the provided corny conversation starters (“What was the happiest moment of your life?”, “What motto do you live by?”). Even though it was clear early in the event that there were not romantic prospects for us, most of the conversations we’ve had were still pleasant. No creeps, no leers. There was a charmingly awkward TV nerd, a military man who travelled from Port Dickson, a drummer who worked in IT, and a highly educated former professor who recently converted from Hinduism to Buddhism. So you see, interesting bunch of characters, they may appear as a character if we get around writing fiction one day.

The few conversational interludes were filled with anecdotes by host Jenn Chia of So, I’m Jenn, and though we didn’t stay long enough for the event, there was a closing performance by comedian Prakash Daniel. If you were one of the men we spent a few minutes with, hello again. If you had asked for our number, we’re sorry to inform you that it was a fake jumble of digits. But, we do sincerely hope you had luck in meeting someone special that night.

Laundry x Lunch Actually: Love At First Sit went down on the eve of Valentine’s Day.