Adam Mathews: Is This KL…?

He’s been the main marketing man of Zouk, worked with international club brand Gatecrasher, and now, he’s bringing in Future Music Festival Asia. Going on that, we aptly pass the pen to Livescape Asia’s ADAM MATHEWS to give us the last word for this month.

A long looong time ago (1998) in a galaxy far faaaar away (Sheffield, UK), an innocent young Malaysian boy walked into a super club called Gatecrasher and BOOOM! The rest is history.

The end.

Seriously, if I were to sum up why I am here writing a few words to close off the Future Music Festival Asia issue of JUICE – that would be it. My love affair with dance music and the entertainment scene in general started right there on the hallowed dancefloor of a converted old steel mill called The Republic which hosted a regular Saturday night called Gatecrasher. So enamoured I was with the ‘scene’ I quickly, as they would say back there, got properly stuck in. I started as a lowly flyer boy and worked my way up through the ranks to GC management. In short, I did everything!

Some of the best moments in my years there was when I was standing on a field surrounded by tens of thousands of people who came to the festival that we organized called The Summer Sound System.

The combination of chaos (“Where’s DJ Fergie? He’s gone missing…”), adrenaline (30 minutes to showtime and the laser goes bust), excitement (holy sh!t… Kate Moss and Pete Doherty just walked past us!), fist pumping (Keith Prodigy performing ‘Firestarter’) and moments of sheer brilliance (Faithless performing ‘We Come One’ to 20,000 people on a field) was something I knew I would love forever.

There is an unquantifiable bit of magic that comes at a music festival especially when you have got everything you love around you – the outdoors, your friends, a few cold ones, the best music being performed or played, and a decent mobile phone signal.

Yes ladies and gents… meet Adam… festival bore. I could literally drive you to tears with lines like “This one time…at V Festival…”

But not today.

Today I get to personally invite you to what we, at Livescape, hope to be the biggest yearly music festival in the region. Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) is here in Malaysia and here to stay.

This award winning festival is renowned to be one of the best in the world. Having worked with many of the world’s best I can fully testify that these guys are on point. Proper pros at putting on a breathtaking festival.

We are proud that a music festival to rival any in the region will finally take place in Malaysia. We are especially proud to provide an exclusive line-up of international artistes. But more than anything we are so darn proud that our Malaysian artistes, most of which are our friends, will be able to perform on a truly world class stage AND show everyone who’s boss!

There are so many different things I am truly giddy about for FMFA but probably the most drool-worthy wish would be to see Shinichi Osawa stand on the same stage while the Chemical Brothers play his remix of ‘Star Guitar’. Will it happen? I’m not sure but I promise you there will not be a dry eye on this face if it does happen!

Till the big day comes, keep checking our Facebook page and website so that you are always the first to know. More surprises coming your way… and THAT’s a promise.

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