Lana Del Rey: Manufactured Risque

America’s answer to the crushable indie songstress (move over Florence and Lykke Li) Lana Del Rey, has critics divided over the authenticity or ‘alternative cred’ of her debut; is it true that she has had lip injections? That she was formerly known as Lizzy Grant? That she has a rich daddy but decidedly set up camp in a van-by-the-river? Should we really give a sh*t?!

Unless you are ridiculously shallow, the obvious answer is no, just listen to the damn song h8ers. Because heart her or hate her, Lana Del Rey’s latest single ‘Born to Die’ has all the winning elements of a likeable indie pop tune. With sensual vocals, dreamy beats, and vaguely pessimistic lyrics about getting high and pouring rain, ‘Born To Die’ is just the right vibe for a night alone with your many cats. Er, we mean, your lover.

F*ck hard under the pouring rain to Born to Die at