Lai Thing Sheng’s Movable Living Spaces

Artist Lai Thing Sheng has a love for tiny, mobile living spaces, as you can tell from the bulk of his work. He views it as a kind of simple standard of living, one that is devoid of social expectation and only filled with an abundance of joy. The Mini Minor is the compact vehicle that you see often appearing in his work, as he admires, “A classic car featuring beautiful curves, chromed bumpers, the authentic car body, without air-con and a fancy dashboard – it is a car in its simplest form.”

It’s unsurprising to learn that Thing Sheng is also one who’s keen on travel, making himself a promise to travel at least one place per year. His work is heavily influenced by the likes of Mattias Adolfsson. Thing Sheng used to illlustrate in monotones of black and white but he soon realised that though it may be pleasant for him to draw in that way, ultimately it didn’t resonate with him. So here he is, evolving into more colourful and sprightly sweet illustrations à la Steve Scott.

Furthermore, he says that his incessant illustrations are a way to communicate a yearning for escape, but he says he has nothing to escape from, it’s just a reflection of his need to be free.