La Sera: Que Sera Sera

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Vivian Girls’ Katy Goodman is the cutest girl in indie retrock. We just felt like saying that, because it’s true and it’s unimaginable for the band to lose her. Cassie Ramone is still obviously the frontwoman yet it’s always Katy Goodman that receives the attention, which is admittedly unfair for the band.

This is probably a problem even she notices as she does do her own thing with La Sera. The project’s debut is good, but a tad too faithful to the blueprints left by Vivian Girls. Katy corrects that with second LP Sees the Light, lead single ‘Please Be My Third Eye’ is a rollicking surf pop jam that breezes through with just the right amount of sugary sonic to attack your senses.

Her phantasmal lyrics coupled with the anti-Vivian production are more reminiscent of her defunct All Saints Project. Katy Goodman as La Sera is still a relatively new entity, despite that we wager it will eclipse Vivian Girls. But hey, whatever will be, will be.

La Sera’s Sees The Light is out in stores. For more information on Katy Goodman, click here.

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