Kugiran Masdo is NOT Cancelled for Speaking Up About Piracy

(source: Kugiran Masdo/Facebook)

A few days ago on Twitter, local rock band Masdo tweeted something that led to a bunch of netizens screaming “Masdo is cancel”, whatever that means. Some fans, including members in the local music scene spoke about the damages of piracy, while others condemned Masdo for even bringing the issue up because they’re a new band (“…baru nak up“).

Masdo tweeted a picture of a fake merch. You might think it’s silly, but stealing is a crime. A lot of people trash talked Masdo, even saying what level are they on if compared to Radiohead or The Strokes.

Whatever sh*t mentality people have, piracy destroys the creative industry. Imagine someone who started making art 10 years ago and when they finally have their own brand, Swiper from Dora the Explorer came and stole it.

Masdo has all the right to call out, condemn and criticise people for stealing their image or brand, same goes to any other creatives. If you think the band shouldn’t have said anything, you’re part of the problem.

Many people in the music scene have given their take on the issue, including Jennifer Thompson (or Kak Jen), a prominent figure in the music industry. This is her take on the issue:

Of course, piracy isn’t something new – Malaysians LOVE cheap stuff, even if it doesn’t have any quality. But when artistes complain about it, people get mad. If this is the mentality of music fans in Malaysia, it’s no wonder we’re so slow in moving ahead in the arts.

If we really want to see change in the music industry or any creative industry for that measure, then we need to STOP asking for free stuff or buying fake stuff. Show some love for your favourite artistes.

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