#KitaJagaKita: M’sians Managed to Raise RM38,000 in 24 Hours for Stranded Kajang Orphanage 

(source: Malay Mail)

An outpouring of donations has been raised to help a Kajang orphanage after one of its caretakers died of Covid-19.

In true “kita jaga kita” spirit, Facebook user Azaad Mohamed Ummar organised a fundraiser for Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak-anak Yatim Ummi Selangor on 16 May. Azaad also called for other donations such as mineral water, buns, and sliced bread that the children could have as breakfast or snacks.

The project’s initial target was to raise RM15,000, but it ended up raising a total of RM38,839.89 in less than 24 hours. The amount was intended to pay for catering services three times a day, for at least 20 days, with the food packed and delivered directly to the orphanage.

ICYMI, the orphanage which is home to 35 kids in Kajang, struggled to survive with no food and water after the orphanage’s caretakers were infected with Covid-19. What’s more saddening was 26 out of the 35 kids in the orphanage home had been found to be Covid-19 positive.

According to the viral Facebook post, the home was taken care of by Tok Ayah and and his wife Ummi. Unfortunately, Tok Ayah had passed away last week from the infection while his wife is currently at Sungai Buloh Hospital undergoing treatment.

The couple’s children, who are all entrusted caretakers in their absence, were unable to visit the orphanage as they too were down with Covid-19, except for their daughter Syarifah Umaisya Syed Abd Rahim Jamalullail, who goes by Sherry.

At that time, Sherry said the children at the home were not able to cook and have been running out of food supplies.

(source: FMT)

She added that no one from the district health office had visited the home since the outbreak but a health officer “was liaising with the eldest orphan who is 17 years old”.

Ever since the plea went viral, Sherry said that the situation has improved and that she has managed to segregate the children thanks to the help of a volunteer.

“The current situation is well-managed and the girls and boys (who tested negative for Covid-19) have been sent to live at a volunteer’s house. Only the Covid-19 positive girls are living at the orphanage right now while the Covid-19 positive boys are at a boys’ hostel. Everybody is in good hands and they’re in a safe place,” said Sherry.