‘Kisah Hari Raya’ in the Autotunage

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He’s gotten a rise out of you with first single ‘Bangkit’ (pause), now Karmal is waxing lyrical on amusing anecdotes of the festive season with ‘Kisah Hari Raya’.


Sharing with us somewhat amusing anecdotes of a regular Raya festivity, the track sees him rapping about being Karmal during Hari Raya while his uber-talented partner-in-rhyme Sona One robotically croons on the chorus and hook through a vocoder. Unfortunately homie didn’t drop a verse, but as usual his stellar production shines on the track.

We believe ‘Kisah Hari Raya’ is the first raya rap song. Festive songs are a b***h to pull off, so props to Karmal and Sona for keeping the corniness to a bare minimal!

‘Kisah Hari Raya’ is off Karmal’s Bangkit EP. Find the EP at Krookz (Times Square), for more info on Karmal click here.