King Tuff: Tuff to be Bad

Kyle Thomas’s music as King Tuff could have been the stuff of derision, especially when he sings “I’m a bad thing” like the confession of a repentant bratty playground bully. Yet, as with a lot of musicians, the pure bravado of the music makes up for the laughable lyrical gaffe – there’s more to music than the lyrics after all (otherwise a lot of rappers won’t have a career).

His self-titled LP is the kind of dumb garage rock tailor made for stoners that some critics would mistake for self-aware craftsmanship under the veneer of irony. But JUICE think there’s more to an artist when he’s genuine, and we’d like to think Kyle, much like when Bethany rhymes crazy with lazy for the nth time, isn’t being ironic when he screams he’s a bad thing on… well, ‘Bad Thing’.

The single features an easily recognisable and mastered riff and a chorus that is destined to be the anthem to every stoner’s summer. Lesser musicians would have just made the song dumb, but Kyle crafts it to endearing perfection. It’s tough to be bad.