Kim K & Leo DiCaprio Probed Regarding Embezzlement Of 1MDB Funds Due To Ties With Jho Low

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source: FMT

As prosecutors prepare for the trial involving rapper Prakazrel “Pras” Michél, who faces federal charges linked to the 1MDB scandal, attention has once again been drawn to Jho Low’s relationships with international celebs.

Michél was charged with diverting foreign funds to former US President Barack Obama’s campaign and acting as a lobbyist for Jho Low as well as the Chinese government. Former US president Donald Trump, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and hotel owner Steve Wynn all make up Michél’s prospective witnesses in the case.

The Federal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Justice (DoJ) of the United States questioned Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian regarding the misappropriation of monies from 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), according to a report on today’s Bloomberg Businessweek.

source: Fortune

The relationship between Leonardo DiCaprio and billionaire Low Taek Jho, commonly known as Jho Low, that began in a nightclub, was first disclosed to agents in April 2018, when DiCaprio said that he had been informed that Jho Low was a “Mozart of the business world” and that his money originated from an unnamed “whale of whales” in Abu Dhabi.

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, admitted to partying with Jho Low in Las Vegas, prior to the instance where he offered her $250,000 and funds for a brand-new white Ferrari as a wedding gift. He also contributed $100,000 to cover the cost of the fireworks at her wedding.

source: MustShare News

In a February 2019 interview, Kim revealed that she first met Low in 2009 when he hired her to appear at a Vegas nightclub on his birthday for a whopping $50,000, sparking what she describes as a “bizarre relationship” with the businessman turned fugitive.

According to Daily Mail, Low leveraged his enormous money to amass a “celebrity posse”, which for a time in the early 2010s comprised Kim Kardashian. Kim revealed how, after playing cards with Low, she once received $250,000 in $100 bills, given to her in a trash bag.

Although Kim claimed to have only ever encountered Low briefly while they were gambling, he did attend her wedding to Kris Humphries and lavished her with money and presents as they kept in touch via BBM.

source: Showbiz

She remembers merely introducing herself and shaking his hand after her first club appearance. The two went out for dinner and to a club in Las Vegas with a group of about 12 people after Low began pursuing contact with her.

Kim sold the white Ferrari purchased with Low’s money in 2012 and used the $240,000 to buy a Lamborghini, under her ex-husband Kanye West’s name. In July that year, Low paid West $1.25million to perform on a yacht in Italy, alongside another $250,000 to Kim for making an appearance as well.

FBI papers further state that in 2014, Kanye West allegedly “had Kardashian text Low and explain that they don’t favour Basquiat and instead desired a Monet” after Kardashian told him that Low intended to gift her a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The move was supposedly to “mess with Low because both Kardashian and West found Low to be highly finicky when presenting gifts and never anticipated that they would actually receive it,” according to FBI files.

source: Daily Mail

Additionally, Low told Kim he was thankful “she was courteous to him and never asked him for anything” when she was celebrating her birthday in Miami in October 2012. He told her he had sent a diamond necklace to her during a conversation over BBM, but she claims the gift never materialised.

As reported by Bloomberg, Kim “always viewed Low’s source of money to be the biggest mystery about him”.