KhromeEyez: Spaced Out 808s

Dweny ‘KhromeEyez’ Dwen was your typical rapper dabbling in generic hip hop production before being hit hard by a one-two combo of 808s and rapegaze. Rather letting things fall into place naturally (read: randomly) than following a precise method to beatmaking, Dweny is an accidental talent whose drunken drums actually sound like there were a method to the chaos.

Galactical Gazing (Final29105) (Original Remix) by DwenyDwen

While he has only posted a few tracks online, latest Galactical Gazing proves to be a promising start for the fledgling beatmaker. Sounding like the beeps and bloops of a sentient NASA satellite as programmed by a Southern hip hop producer, the track is a spaced out mind trip that is both A Space Odyssey and Dungeon Family at the same time.

NASA 808s at