Keith Haring Injects ’80s Street Culture Into Herschel Supply’s Latest Collection

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Before AIDS took over his life at 31, Keith Haring was one of a kind – a brilliant young soul who was inspired by the beauty of graffiti that he soared to become one of New York City’s most talented artists in the ‘80s. But unlike most graffiti artists, Haring drew with white chalk atop black paper, and would fill up unlikely spaces around the city to set up his own unique identity.

Keeping to a promise that his art will always be accessible, Haring’s cartoonish figures have spanned across multiple canvases from subway stations to museums, and now fashion as well, thanks to Herschel Supply’s Keith Haring collection which sees his famous ‘Untitled’ dancing man all-over print layered over a crisp blue shade.

A part of the brand’s Fall 2017 line, the collaboration celebrates the work of one of 20th century’s biggest pop icons, and more specifically, late ‘80s street culture. Thus preserving also Haring’s contribution to the world of visual arts and social activism.

“He truly represented that that period in New York’s history, and was a pioneer in making street art accessible to a wider audience, which we found really inspiring,” explained Jon Warren, Design Director at Herschel Supply.

Not limited to just bags, find yourself a lightweight Voyage Coach jacket and poncho pullover that come in a weather-durable version featuring waterproof fabric – marking the Herschel Supply Apparel partnership.

View the whole collection below:

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