Kawaii Metal Pop Duo, BABYMETAL to Perform in KL This March

Date Fri, 27th Mar '20
Time TBA

Metal has gone through so many evolutionary phases since the Vikings started growling at anyone who landed on their shores. Now, in 2020, the aggressive music style has left an impressive list of sub-genres like Pirate Metal, Djent, Sludge, Thrash, Grind, Doom, Extreme and any other noun/verb you can think of… so why not Kawaii?

You have to be living under a (soft) rock if you haven’t heard of BABYMETAL. The two-piece kawaii metal band consists of Su-metal and Moa-metal. They were originally a three-piece, but member Yui-metal decided to leave the band in 2017 due to health problems.

BABYMETAL blends J-pop and heavy metal, reminiscent of those Anime opening theme songs. If you’re into more serious metal genres, then maybe you should give this a miss… because BABYMETAL is a bento box full of fun. And judging from their shows, from homeland Japan to Glastonbury festival, they sure do kick ass!

After Bangkok, BABYMETAL will be heading to Kuala Lumpur for their debut concert this 27 March 2020 at KL Live. Unfortunately, both Early Bird and Phase 1 tickets are sold out, but you can still grab Phase 2 tickets.

source: Beat Live Asia

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