Katy B: Honey

By now, most people have heard of the singles that have been plucked and dropped from Katy B’s latest album, which features an array of collaborators—lesser known and otherwise—since last year. Honey sees Katy venturing into different facets of her musical aspirations, but she doesn’t dip her toes too deep into the different pools of genre, be it grime-informed hip hop on ‘Lose Your Head’, or in the d’n’b inflections of ‘So Far Away’. However, Katy’s got to work with some critically approved producers, such as on the dulcet and lush eponymous single featuring KAYTRANADA, the buoyant and elastic ‘Calm Down’ featuring Four Tet and Floating Points, and ‘Who Am I’ with production from Major Lazer that unfortunately doesn’t see the two revisiting their garage leanings. She ventures in every musical direction with Honey with a level of coherence that’s bounded by her own melodious, clear vocals, making the album an effortless listen.

Rating: 3