Katrina Khair’s Electric Digital Paintings

Katrina Khair is a 21-year-old KL-based visual artist, designer, illustrator, and painter whose recent work has been featured on a scale as large and notable as this year’s Urbanscapes.

The artist has an affinity for drawing people, as she explains, “I find facial features are very organic, grounded, and pure. I appreciate the beauty of nature very much, especially in humans aka God’s greatest creation.” The electric, vivid hues she uses are not merely for eye-catching aesthetics – colours are important in communicating a particular mood or personality. The play on colours is also a way to toy with her audience’s mind slightly, she says with a giggle.

Films and music also influence how she creates her paintings; films with era-specific aesthetics and settings such as the ’50s, ’60s, and the ’90s. Music, on the other hand, helps her with willing the emotions she’d like to incorporate into her artwork. “The more I am lost into it, the more I am lost in my paintings,” intones Katrina.

More of her work below: