Kanye Got Kenny G, the Master of Sax Surrounded by Roses for Valentine’s Day

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source: CoS

How was your Valentine? Hope y’all wore protection during the kongkek session… Anyway, whatever you did to show deep affection for you s/o, Kanye done do it, as Kanye does.

For Valentine’s Day, the rapper got Kenny G, the master of Sax himself trapped in a minefield of red and white roses to serenade his wife Kim Kardashian. But we’re not entirely sure if Kanye did that for Kim or for himself, because you know how much the dude loves himself.

And you know how Twitter is, people got jokes:

Ok so the real question here is, did Kenny G go on his own will or was there a bomb tied around his neck?

Jokes aside, hope The G is resting well after that whole thing.

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