Local Actor Suffers Serious Head Injuries After Being Beaten By Man With Baton At Event In Singapore

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source: BH

Malaysian actor, Kamal Adli, was reported beaten by a man using a baton during an event he attended in Singapore last night, resulting in serious head injuries which required immediate surgery.

Following the incident, his wife, Uqasha Senrose, who was also present at the event, claimed that Kamal was rushed to the hospital from the venue and was put to sleep before being operated on. She stated that he had been left with a “hole” and some “leaking” at the back of his head.

Uqasha claimed that the incident happened between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. last night, when those who were about to leave the event had responded to the request of a woman in a wheelchair who wanted to take a photo with the pair.

“We took the photo, and then a man came up to us and asked for Kamal. We assumed he was a fan, so Kamal greeted him. Then he suddenly reached into his pocket, pulled out a baton, and beat Kamal with it in the head multiple times.

“Blood oozed all over his clothes, and when he lifted his head, the man also struck his cheekbone, and then the rest of his body,” she explained.


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Uqasha, also a local celebrity, took to her personal Instagram profile to recount the incident, along with a caption asking the public to pray for her husband’s wellbeing.

“I can’t go into the operating room now. All I can do now is make a police report in Singapore,” she said, adding that her siblings, who were with her during the incident, had been threatened by the individual in question.


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Later on, local entrepreneur, Didie Alias, shared an Instagram post of a conversation she had with the couple after Kamal regained consciousness post-surgery to further implore people to pray for the actor’s speedy recovery.

A teary Uqasha was seen seated next to her husband, clad in green hospital clothing with his head thickly bandaged.

Netizens and other Malaysian public figures flooded the comments section with well wishes, noting that they were glad to see Kamal was still able to sit up and speak, as well as wishing the couple justice and a safe trip back to Malaysia.

Kamal Adli is well known throughout Southeast Asia as the Hero Remaja champion of 2007/2008 and has therefore forged a name in the local comedy scene. This is in addition to playing various other roles on Malaysian dramas and movies, including Abang Long Fadil.

We wish him a speedy recovery and hope the culprit is uncovered as soon as possible.

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