JW Lee’s Delicate Drawings

source: JW Lee

Text The New Forward

We always enjoy reviewing hand drawn works when we get the chance because the digital scene is a little diluted with derivative styles these days, which is why we love the works of Lee Jia Wen.

Throughout her work, calmness manifests itself through her combination of the female form and nature, often intertwined, seeking balance in their interdependence. The mix of soft colours in Jia Wen’s illustrations evokes a sense of serenity that reflects her approach to art.

Her love for art, as she explains, resonates with a musing by Susan Cain in her book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, where she states that in order to know what you truly want to do, look at whom you envy.

“Without a doubt, I envy artists, creators, makers, those who make art with their bare hands,” says the self-taught artist.

“Now I try to incorporate more inspiring messages in my work. I really wish that people would dream more, and believe in their dreams more, instead of worrying about what society thinks.”


source: JW Lee source: JW Lee source: JW Lee source: JW Lee

JW Lee is featured in Perspective on The New Forward, where artists answer interviews through drawings. Feast your eyes on their awesome responses at www.thenewfwd.com/perspective.