Justin’s Metaphysical Odyssey

The only way you can find Justin’s illustrations is via Instagram under the handle @no.618033988, which represents the Golden ratio that is seminal in mathematics and the world of design. The motivation to create an Instagram account was a result of peer pressure, as he says, “I was pretty much the only person in my workplace who didn’t have an Instagram and it was considered a travesty! So, I caved.”

Even when submitting to coercion, Justin – who’s an intensely private person – utilised the public space as a creative outlet to showcase his artwork anonymously. Besides his first name, his page is devoid of any other personal information. The only entry to his inner mind is through the viewing and inspection of his art that are created on only pen and paper, with occasional use of Photoshop for colouring purposes.

To us, there seems to be a metaphysical theme to his art, be it in the texts he writes in dual tone or in the cosmic meditations on religion, spirituality, and of the self. Though he sees the correlation, but really like any artist, he wants people to derive their own meaning and interpretations from his art. However, he does reveal that cinema has been a major influence as he cites the iconic 2001: A Space Odyssey as a life-changing experience. He goes on to list and laud a slew of venerable auteurs, from Alejandro Jodorowsky to Nicolas Winding Refn, for their “storytelling, symbology, visuals, and themes.”

Take a look at a selection of his work below: