Justin Bieber: Believe

Believe was supposed to be the Biebz’s Justin Timberlake moment (even if he looks more like a girl now than ever). The teaser video for ‘Boyfriend’ got us crazy aroused – and we’re grown men for god’s sake – but then the full video came out… and we were left with blue balls. Homie referenced Buzz Lightyear on a track that had him trying his best to come off as an adult.

Still, not minding the lyrics, Bieber does have the swag and convincing delivery. The rest of the album proves that he is capable of pulling a 180 degree change and extricating himself from being just a child star. Haters can hate all they want, but what’s a non-Belieber to a Belieber?

LISTEN TO: ‘Boyfriend’, ‘Right here’, ‘Catching Feelings’
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