Asahi presents JUICE 10th Anniversary: We Are a Decade Old!

JUICE has been brewing for a decade now. Born in the early noughties, the booming years of the club scene, JUICE started off as a primarily nightlife-DJ scene publication before growing into something more than just that. It has become a part of Klang Valley’s pop culture, representing not just KL’s nightlife but also local music, street subcultures, fashion & design, pubs & bars, artistes, and everything that our city’s rapid urbanity has wrought upon us. JUICE is at its most potent now.

Come December, we’re going to celebrate that pop culture plateau. At 10 years old we have those in their 20s (even early 30s) who grew up with us and understand what the JUICE ethos is all about, and we’re going to reflect that leading up to the anniversary party. There will be 9 things — an event, some sort of JUICE release, a gesture, a concept, it could be anything really, we won’t reveal just yet — that will eventually culminate with the party.

What of the party you say? Let’s just say we will make an example out of it for future JUICE events, it will be big.

JUICE Malaysia has been taking your clubbing pictures and putting ’em at the back pages of our magazine for a decade now. Asahi presents JUICE 10th Anniversary is slated to happen in mid-December. Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and here for more announcements.