Join this Virtual Race by Rebook and Be More Human

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Images: Reebok

It’s an odd name for an odd event, but there’s a message behind it. Rebook has designed a virtual race competition you can join and run anywhere. The Be More Human competition aims to power your running routine by raising the bar with every stage to maximise your potential by pushing your limits and go beyond.

The race will take place across six different countries in South East Asia from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. It will take part in three stages – Warm Up, Speed Up and/or Level Up, depending on how much you want to challenge yourself.

No pressure of course, but if you do complete the challenge you’ll bring home a medal, finisher’s tee or the special award, which is the all new Fast Flexweave™ sneaks.

Going by their ethos, Reebok believes that people can be their absolute best through fitness and the Be More Human Race is a celebration of personal achievement – be it physical, mental or social.

The time is now to challenge yourself.

For more details and how you can be a part of the race, click here.

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