What The Fox is in the Box?

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Don’t get freaked out if some people in foxy outfits come up to you – my description is a bit off, don’t judge me for drinking before lunch – you’re in luck! It’s not even the middle of the year and we’re already feeling the heat and stress, so this is a great time for Apple Fox Cider to reward Malaysians with even more refreshing apple cider when they successfully Find the Fox at favourite hangouts across the nation.

From regular watering holes to your local supermarkets, Apple Fox Cider is encouraging consumers to step out of their comfort zone and sniff out some unconventional experiences with Find the Fox.

As part of the Find the Fox campaign, Apple Fox Cider have let Foxes loose in watering holes all over Malaysia. Consumers will get the chance to win Apple Fox Cider by stepping up to a challenge of ‘#WhatTheFox Is In The Box?’.

Consumers also have the opportunity to Find the Fox in supermarkets and hypermarkets nationwide where special Fox Spots allow for exchange of ANY empty cider can or bottle, for a fresh and complimentary can of Apple Fox Cider!

Visit their Facebook or website to get updates on the watering holes they’ll visit and to view the list of supermarkets which has the crazy redemption offer.

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