Join The Last Stop of Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre Party Series

source: KBnL

Ipoh and Penang exceeded our expectations by the power of 100: You guys partied harder than KLites wished they could! If our claim doesn’t do it for you, well, we got visual proof — click here and here for their respective reports. To close the tour on an even more epic note (you have no idea how anxious we are to top the previous two stops), we want all Johoreans and everyone who happens to be in Johor Bahru to help make the last leg of Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre Party Series the one that people would remember it for. Anything less than being barely able to manoeuvre in the club would be a failure.

Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre Party Series @ Johor Bahru
Date Saturday 30 November
Time 9pm
Venue Aruku the Walk
Lineup KBnL, Twilight Actiongirl, Dangerdisko, +2dB

KBnL Dancefloor Hell
We’ve switched up the returning DJs for the other states, but we’re keeping KBnL as the headlining act of our Johor Bahru stop – for good reasons. Without a shadow of doubt, KBnL Dancefloor Hell lived up to their name and gave Heineken and JUICE the best effing party of last year’s tour. Not knowing what sort of crowd we would attract at the time, the KBnL guys brought what seemed like the entirety of JB’s burgeoning independent scene. No wonder the stage almost collapsed that night! Looking to imitate the same amount of rowdiness, expect – to quote KBnL – a mix of “rock, pop, disco, techno, electro, machismo, la sexorcisto, mulatto, albino, mosquito, [and] libido!”

Twilight Actiongirl
Just a year our junior, JUICE has written about Twilight Actiongirl (TAG) enough times that any more would make our fingers bleed. This KL longest running DJ collective will have the unfortunate slot of performing just before hometown heroes, KBnL Dancefloor Hell, who’s ironically Johor Bahru’s equivalent of TAG. It’s alright though, a game of one-upping always make for a better party, and frankly we are excited to witness which group of uncles will kill it at the last stop of Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre Party Series. Pool in the money now, guys.

Comprising Jeannie and Jo Ann, JUICE has covered this darkwave duo multiple times before. But it wasn’t until their sombre take on Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ and ‘Doin’ It Right’ (combined into a single cover) went viral without the help of any media that the two really gained some level of fame. And boy, were we glad for that! The renaissance of live electronic acts and producers, which we’ve witnessed internationally, finally gained traction in KL. Not to be mistaken for a DJ act – they do DJ when requested though – +2dB is set to be the only live performer of the tour.

“If it makes you want to dance on the podium, then it’s Dangerdisko,” so says their official profile. Based on JUICE’s own experience? We’d say it’s an apt description. And if you haven’t had the opportunity to catch them before? We’d say that should pique your interest considerably. Originally from rock backgrounds, Shaheed Naz and Robotron 5000 formed the ‘80s-infused nu disco duo in ‘08, making them one of the first few locals to get into the synthwave bandwagon. Since then, the boys have had multiple releases under an Italian record label and collaborated with the likes of Kyoto Protocol’s Fuad and Melissa Indot to great effect.

To win a pair of passes, all you need to do is complete this slogan, “No one does_________ better than Heineken and JUICE!” (not more than 20 words), and answer the below:

Q: What’s the best way to party in JB?

Send your answer before Wednesday 27 November 2013 along with your full nameIC and handphone number with the subject ‘Heineken Thirst x JUICE Pre Party Series @ Johor Bahru’ to [email protected]. Winners will be notified immediately via phone and e-mail.

*Only for non-Muslim residents and must be at legal age of 18 and above.

Heineken Thirst 2013 is set to be held at Sepang International Circuit on Saturday 14 December ’13. David Guetta, Afrojack, Example + DJ Wire, W&W, Nervo, R3hab, and Madeon represent the lineup on the international front. Playing alongside them are local heroes Goldfish & Blink, BATE, Rukes, XU, and Bunga. Tickets retail at RM148 (presale), RM248 (VIP), and RM188 (door sale).