Johor Woman & Teen Sons Left Distraught After Loan Sharks Mistakenly Petrol Bomb Their Home

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source: China Press

A family in Batu Pahat, Johor comprising of a 38-year-old woman and her two sons were struck by a tragedy when loan sharks allegedly threw a petrol bomb into their home.

The incident took place during the early hours of the morning. It was confirmed that at the time, the woman was overseas, whereas her two sons were present in the home, fast asleep.

source: China Press

Awoken by a loud sound, one of her sons, aged fifteen, came to notice that a fire was spreading inside the house and promptly woke his 18-year-old brother up.

source: China Press

The electric gate outside had been torched by the flames, limiting their exit options. Fortunately, the boys still managed to free via the back door.

One of the neighbours were quick to notice and react to the situation. The fire brigade arrived shortly after and successfully put out the fire while the boys escaped unharmed.

source: China Press

China Press reported that an unsettling note was left by the perpetrators, identifying themselves as loan sharks who were in fact targeting the neighbouring house. Private information concerning the neighbour’s younger daughter who worked in Singapore, their actual target, was included in the message.

The note also stated that the act was committed to serve as a “first warning.”

The neighbour, who subsequently filed a police report, stated that their daughter had already paid off her debt, but was still being pestered by the loan sharks.

source: China Press

Tens of thousands of Ringgit are thought to have been lost in damages, and the property has now been cordoned off for investigative purposes.

Additionally, Penggaram ADUN Gan Peck Cheng requested that the authorities take prompt action against the perpetrators, noting that while such instances were not unheard of, this particular case had “gone too far.”

It is believed that the family is currently residing with a relative.