Jin Hackman: Rapping Up 2011

It might be 3 days late, but Jin Hackman’s ‘2011 Rap Up’ is worth the wait. Namechecking everything political, apolitical, regionally meme-worthy, obligatory Caprice diss, and sh*t that’s just culturally relevant throughout the year, the track is cleverly written to both ridicule some of those and walk the fine line of diplomatic shout out and honest observation with others.

Produced by Saph of SSK and mixed by Dafrosty, the track is a Rogue Squadron joint through and through. However though, the video is hosted by IkanPaos Kolektif, which got us wishing for a proper music video by Jin Hackman as directed by Faris, the man behind such videos as Liyana Fizi’s ‘Light Writing’ and Hujan’s ‘Inspektor Remos’. Make it happen guys.

Oh, and in case you missed the previous year’s ‘Rap Up’, check it out below!

Give Jin props on Twitter at @jiniusatwork and check out the rest of IkanPaos Kolektif’s works here.