James Merry’s Embroidered Sportswear Logos


Since the release of Vulnicura, Bjork’s onstage ensembles — especially her masks — have been particularly really cool, more so than usual, no? The intricate, moth-inspired masks are the craftwork of James Merry, who has worked with the Icelandic queen of leftfield pop for six years now. James has always had a surreal attachment with nature, as he explained in an interview with i-D, “My fingers would tingle when I’d see small furry buds on the end of branches, or I’d feel flowers growing out of my eyes if I stared at them too long.” He calls it, “a weird tactile/plant synaesthesia.” He has a book called Anatomies to illustrate this sensation that fused together florae and the human anatomy. Splitting his time between New York and Iceland, he longed for his home country and thus allowing himself to embroid his old Nike sweater with a glacier flower and moss; the ingenious results speak for themselves.

Have a look below:

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