Indie Supergroup ‘Jaki-Brashga’ To Present Self-Funded Independent Music Showcase In KL This May

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Brendan de Cruz. (source: NME)

Prepare to be enthralled by the explosive fusion of experimental folk-rock music delivered by Malaysian indie supergroup Jaki-Brashga!

OUR WORLDS: A Live Experience, the band’s inaugural performance, is scheduled for May and features some of the top artists in the indie music scene, promising a special and unforgettable rock concert experience. This evening of musical inquiry is intended to give spectators a closer, introspective look at the human experience.

source: ONETIX

Jaki-Brashga was formed by folk-pop musician Brendan de Cruz, and since October 2022, they have been performing in obscure venues around the city. Combining the strong vocals of de Cruz with the electrifying magnetism of the band, the band’s approach is distinguished by its heartfelt narrative of love, connection, and honesty.

The five-piece band is made up of Jaime Gunter on bass, Kieran Jumawan on lead guitar, Gabriel Januarius on keyboard and synthesisers, as well as Ashwin Gobinath on drums. Note that Jaki-Brashga is an indie ensemble to keep an eye out for, as each band member has decades of specialised musical expertise to their credit.

The core tenet of “OUR WORLDS” is that each individual has a distinct background, and that there is plenty to relish in the breadth of humanity. From intense and visceral to reflective and introspective, the concert set list was selected so as to take the audience on a trip across many emotions. In order to immerse the audience in Jaki-Brashga’s world and guide them through their experimental audio-visual investigation of the human experience, the band will also use evocative soundscapes and projection-mapped graphics.

source: Music Press Asia

Since he commenced his career as an independent musician, de Cruz has been preparing for the release of Jaki-Brashga, which is the next chapter of his musical journey.

“Being a full-time independent artist is challenging, and I knew it would take a tremendous amount of love and dedication to coordinate the schedules of five people as they all manage their own projects and full-time jobs. And I’m pleased to inform that Jaki-Brashga has accomplished that,” he said.

The band is also collaborating on the show’s visual component with multidisciplinary artist Vuevossa. In his artistic endeavours, Vuevossa is renowned for delving into the fields of geometry and fractals. The band’s new age sounds and flavours will be incorporated into his artwork to create an extraordinary rock concert atmosphere.

Two hours will be devoted to OUR WORLDS: A Live Experience, which will feature both brand-new compositions and arrangements by Jaki-Brashga and unreleased pieces from de Cruz’s rich discography.

Jaki-Brashga and OUR WORLDS, in de Cruz’s opinion, are a celebration of the tenacity of Malaysian musicians who have kept the regional music scene alive against all odds.

“There are a select few Malaysians who have achieved great success on the international arena, but I wanted to highlight the local talent that is available right here, right now,” he stated.

All in all, Jaki-Brashga aims to provide a stimulating, entertaining, and intriguing musical experience. We can’t wait to see the band ignite the music landscape this May with their debut performance, OUR WORLDS: A Live Experience, displaying their distinctive blend of experimental folk-rock songs alongside symbolic images and sounds.

OUR WORLDS: A Live Experience will take place on May 12th 2023, at Nero Space at PJPAC, 1 Utama E.

Tickets for the event are available for purchase at RM98 on

Since Jaki-Brashga is funding the event entirely, they are open to sponsorship and collaboration opportunities for anyone interested in reaching the local independent music scene’s audience in Malaysia.

For further details, contact Brendan de Cruz, the concert organiser and band manager, at [email protected] or +60 12-626 4516.