Popstar Jackson Wang Spotted At TTDI Mamak, IOI City Mall Hot Pot & Sunway University?!

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Throwback to earlier this year when the infamous pop star Jackson Wang graced us with his performance at Good Vibes Weekender – only to have had his after party at the raunchiest club in Bangsar, much to fans’ disappointment.

Almost right after that weekend ended, he announced that he was coming to Malaysia once again for a solo tour and his fans rejoiced at a chance of seeing their idol once again. The singer returned to perform as part of his Magic Man World Tour at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil last Saturday.


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During his concert, Wang admitted that he plans to stay in Malaysia for three more days, wanting to “go somewhere.”

Nothing could’ve prepared me to finding out that “somewhere” was Sunway University.

He also mentioned that he wanted to try our “legendary mamak food” before he left and encouraged fans to join him on his Malaysian experience.

“And if you guys happen to bump into me on the street feel free to come in, we can have ‘mamak’ together.”

As for Sunway University, no, he’s not thinking of enrolling anytime soon. Instead, the 28-year-old held a dance workshop at the Jeffery Cheah Hall on campus. Check out the videos here:


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He then embarked on a food hunting journey, judging by his next spotted location at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, having hotpot at Mala Mini Hotpot Premium.

And finally, he made his way to Q Bistro in TTDI for his long awaited mamak session. But not before updating his Instagram story this afternoon to assure fans that he got the full Malaysian experience.

It’s a good thing he at least got to try the food here before leaving to Singapore for his next show on 23 December. Could you imagine him having mamak there instead? Blasphemy.

If you didn’t manage to catch him, better luck next time! But if you did, I hope you gave him better recommendations.