WATCH: Elon Musk Viciously Booed By Crowd At Dave Chappelle Show

source: NBC News

During Dave Chappelle’s recent show at San Francisco, the comedian brought out Elon Musk as his guest. As Musk appeared, the crowd incessantly booed at the billionaire. 

Of course, the audience proceeded to post their video recordings onto Twitter. Check it out below.

While the video is quite blurry, Musk can be heard yelling, “I’m rich, bitch!” as the crowd continuously booed him. To try to mitigate the situation, the sound engineers in charge of the show played a delayed sound effect of horns in an attempt to cover up the crowd’s dismay.

For those interested in watching the entire segment, an audience member uploaded a 4-part video to YouTube. The first video is embedded down below.

Thankfully, the entire segment was uploaded to YouTube. 

Since Musk is now the CEO of Twitter, after having spent $40 billion to purchase the platform, the videos of the crowd booing him at the show have mysteriously started to disappear. 

Twitter users believe that Musk is behind this as this isn’t the first time that tweets have mysteriously disappeared under his discretion.

For those unaware, when Musk sold the Twitter blue verification badges to users for $8 per month, Twitter users used that to their advantage to make fun of him and instigate chaos on the platform.

source: NBC News

The fact that Musk got booed at a Chappelle show is quite telling, as Chappelle isn’t exactly a crowd favourite either. 

The dislike towards Chappelle got even worse after his Netflix stand-up comedy specials, Sticks and Stones and The Closer, showcased Chappelle making targeted and distasteful jokes about the trans community.