It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and We Feel Fine: Part V


If you’re wont to believe in Mayan bullcrap, 2012 will be the last year terra firma stands firm. JUICE seeks the help of saged scenesters to give us a look into the crystal ball for a much needed insight into what will happen in the year 2012, hoping to gain some foresight of what will end in the year (if not the world). Rather, some tell us of their predictions, others of what they want to happen, and some offer fantasy scenarios. We’re not complaining, it’s better than watching John Cusack in 2012 the movie again…


We won’t see the predicted Armageddon, but for sure a lot of people are going insane about it. That alone will be a hell lotta fun to watch. The Y2K hysteria was fun, but this is going to be better. Anyway…

I predict Germany will meet Spain in the Euro 2012 and finally ending their reign this time around. This is after they kicked out England after a penalty shootout of course.

(cough), excuse that fantasy. The Occupy Movement will grow bigger and finally the 99% will kick the 1%’s asses. Like some wise man said a long time ago; you can fool people sometimes, but you can’t fool people all the time.

New media fulfils its promise and TV and radio will finally die. People will realise they are tired of all the crap they are being fed with on a daily basis and emancipate themselves from it. Bieber and Gaga will be sad but it will make the world a better place – people will have more time to search and discover good music, they’ll be amazed.

To pimp our own stuff here, Monsoon+ will release more good music in 2012, we’ll bring even doper acts and we’ll throw heavier parties. All that because we know you like it like this and we like it like that.

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