It’s the End of the World as We Know It, and We Feel Fine: Part III

If you’re wont to believe in Mayan bullcrap, 2012 will be the last year terra firma stands firm. JUICE seeks the help of saged scenesters to give us a look into the crystal ball for a much needed insight into what will happen in the year 2012, hoping to gain some foresight of what will end in the year (if not the world). Rather, some tell us of their predictions, others of what they want to happen, and some offer fantasy scenarios. We’re not complaining, it’s better than watching John Cusack in 2012 the movie again…



Humans, we love predictions. Everyone likes to play Nostradamus on and off. When JUICE asked me to predict in 200 words what’s going to end in pop culture in 2012, I faced a huge wall of stumbling block…

[Puts on Akta Angkasa’s ‘Chatetan Konkerit’]

First, I never belonged to the pop culture. Second, I was never a believer in prediction. Last but not least, I rarely play Nostradamus, I play God. Hence, I can’t predict what’s going to end in pop culture in 2012; I can only give my prophecies. In no particular order:

Sevencollar T-Shirt To Call It A Day
After three albums, well two, excluding the “lost” Freeway, Dreaming And Broke, what else? After witnessing how Radiohead destroyed themselves – well, Thom Yorke, single-handedly actually – Ham, Duan, Keng and Adil are smart enough to not take the same path. Unless Duan stops singing and uses his voice as an instrument, SCTS is to call it a day.

Death to Dubstep
If Jon Davis was quoted to say Korn “were dubstep even before dubstep”, this much glorified genre is already 19 years old. It should, as pop culture tends to (from my understanding or lack of understanding), normally last for two years, three if you push it.

Mawi, M Nasir and Jamal Abdillah Goes Metalcore
Metalcore will take over Malaysian music by storm. The genre has already expressed their mainstream-friendliness with covers of Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars. In 2012 we will witness a signing spree by labels – as this was written one band is already under the wings by one of the majors. Next, in bridging the gap (for the bands) and staying relevant (for the featured guests) we will see Mawi, M Nasir and Jamal Abdillah dropping choruses in metalcore songs.

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