Italian Man Tattoos A Permanent Solution To Enter Premises After Getting Vaccinated

You might be getting a little tired of opening our MySejahtera app at every shop you enter. If so, you could consider this very permanent solution:

Similar to Malaysia’s requirements, Italy also enforces citizens to provide proof of vaccination before entering a premise. 22-year-old student Andrea Colonetta took things to the next level by tattooing his green pass on his arm.

“It’s certainly something original, I like to be different.”

The underside of Andrea’s left arm now bears a matrix of black squares from the QR code of his official Italian Green Pass.

Andrea, who said he had received both doses of a coronavirus vaccine, said although he has received lots of attention on Instagram and TikTok, his parents were left a bit perplexed.

“They encouraged me to be less impulsive and to better reflect on things…”

However, many netizens who saw this on TikTok were in disbelief as they mentioned the expiry of the Green Pass after six months and how the QR code is subjected to change after an individual gets his third dose of vaccination. No going back now!

But for the time being, the tattoo actually works. A video posted on TikTok shows a masked Andrea entering McDonald’s and lifting his arm to take a photo of his tattoo.


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A security guard at the entrance is seen scanning Andrea’s tattoo before the video ends abruptly – leaving it unclear whether Andrea ultimately got his Big Mac or not.

That’s one way to speed things up, I guess.