5 Large Franchises That Are Against Dine-Ins Despite New SOPs

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Despite being given the green light by the authorities to open their doors to dine-in patrons, many eateries in the Klang Valley are still reluctant to do so. Restaurants in states under Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan were given the go-ahead to open up recently, but owners are more concerned about the ever-growing numbers in cases.

Amongst the many eateries that have decided to only continue to allow takeaways and deliveries, here’s a list of our usual guilty pleasures:

1. McDonald’s


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Popular fast food chain McDonald’s has taken the stand to not allow dine-in for states in Phase 1. In their Instagram post, they stated that they are not ready for dine-in. Only selected restaurants in Phase 2 and 3 states (Perlis, Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan) have met their store-opening criteria are allowed to open for dine-in.

Stick to the drive-thru’s and grabfood orders!

2. myBurgerLab


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myBurgerLab explained that they would be facing a shortage of staff to cope with dine-in and delivery simultaneously and emphasised the need for the country to reach herd immunity before implementing dine-in. Additionally, they also highlighted their fear due to the absence of clear SOPs that may lead to a ‘U-turn’ of the announcement as well.

3. Inside Scoop

Inside Scoop, who took to their social media a day after the government’s dine-in announcement, explained that they would not be allowing dine-in while their takeaways and deliveries will continue to operate as per usual. They said that they will prioritise the safety of their team and customers, given the high number of cases at the moment.

4. Family Mart


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Family Mart, home of our favourite oden soup, has also decided against allowing dine-in services. They uploaded a post just two days after the announcement made by the government to emphasise that the safety of customers remains their top priority and highlighted that their takeaway and online order would be the safer option.

5. La Juiceria


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The franchise for health-freaks and gym-junkies have also decided to close their dine-in section. In their Instagram post, they explained that their decision is to ensure the well-being of their employees and customers. Their delicious healthy Superfoods are still available via takeaways, GrabFood, or their website.


Don’t worry, though. You can still get your cravings fixed via online orders and takeaways.

Stay safe and stay home.

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