It Doesn’t Get Any More Grimes Than on ‘Genesis’

The video to ‘Genesis’ off Grimes’ seminal third LP Visions is a Jamie Hewlett-esque vision worthy of the best of 2000AD. Directed by Claire Boucher herself (Grimes’ real name, if you didn’t know), ‘Genesis’ includes weird ass imageries that go from the acceptably bizarre in the Lynchian opening with Claire dancing to herself as a car full of the video’s characters trails her; to the increasingly what-the-f*ckery in the cast of characters made of rainbow-dreadlocked-shadow-sword-fighting girl by the beach, Claire herself with a huge python wrapping her neck, and a freaky girl in skimpy metallic one-piece over a skin suit. And that’s just to name a few!

We don’t know what’s going on half the time either, yet the video encapsulates everything JUICE loves about Grimes.

Visions was one of our favourite albums of 2012. More on Grimes at