Ipoh To Build Inner-City LRT System That Spans 28 Stations Over 58KM

An LRT train carriage in Kuala Lumpur. (source: Christiano Lee Thiensoon)

Perak will witness the construction of the nation’s first inner-city train system that’s not located in the Klang Valley.

Ipoh, the state capital and much-visited tourism destination, has plans to build an ambitious Light Rail Transit (LRT) system, spanning 28 stations over 58 kilometres.

(Source: Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh/Suara Merdeka)

Divided into two routes along west and east Ipoh, the project is expected to ease the worsening traffic congestion in the area, as well as contribute to economic growth.

“As a start, a transport hub around Ipoh Railway Station will be developed in anticipation (of the LRT), which will involve roughly 60 hectares of land,” said Datuk Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi, the state chairperson on Housing, Tourism, and Local Government.

(From left) PLANMalaysia Deputy Director Datuk Mohd Faidzal Hamzah, Datuk Nolee Ashilin, and Ipoh Mayor Datuk Rumaizi Baharin. (source: SuaraPerak)

The Ipoh Railway Station would serve as the heart of the LRT system, and be supported by a network of buses, trams, and taxi services.

“We want to create a sort-of ‘Ipoh Central’, which will be both modern and efficient.”

(Source: Bernama/Astro Awani)

Announced alongside a new long-term city planning initiative called the Ipoh City Local Plan 2035, the authorities also have plans to develop the Greater Ipoh area further as a 21st century tourism attraction.

However, if you were expecting to take the LRT to grab a cup of original Ipoh white coffee anytime soon, don’t get your hopes up, as the project is still under review, with the full costs and construction period yet to be determined.

But finger’s crossed!