INTRICACY: Sanuri Zulkefli’s Folksy Art

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source: Sanuri Zulkefli

Having had the realisation that going to art school doesn’t determine one’s talent of being an artist, Sanuri decided to pursue a path in engineering while he worked on his artistic inclination on the side. Self-taught as he may be, he had the self-assurance that he could be like many successful artists, but it is not without continuously improving his skills though. Having been actively drawing just last year, it would take him approximately a week to finish one of his extremely detailed work as he is only doing his art on a part-time basis. Inspired by Emilia Yusuf, Yusuf Gajah, Kim Jung Gi, and James Jean, his whimsical illustrations can be attributed to the many local folklore storybooks his father had given him when he was a child. He found that drawing was the best method of expressing the abstraction of human emotion as compared to writing (another method he enjoys as well). Within the many details of his work, each element holds a hidden meaning for the audience to discover, therefore, Sanuri openly invites viewers’ interpretations.

Have a gander at his work below:

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