Interview: Kai Fish

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Although formerly recognized as just one fifth of indie rock group The Mystery Jets, bassist Kai Fish has stepped outside the band to do something a little more personal. His debut solo album Life In Monochrome is a heart wrenching collection of songs, conjured amidst a period of Fish’s self-discovery through touring, travelling, and love lost and won. As long-time supporters of The Mystery Jets, when we learnt Kai Fish (whom you may have caught DJing at Zouk under the Mystery Jets moniker back in 2008) was trying his hand at a side project, JUICE decided to do some investigating to find out more on all the need-to-know things, like the girls in his videos and what he snacks on….

Hey Mr Fish. What have you been up to today?
We’re currently finishing off the new Mystery Jets album in London.

Can’t wait to hear it! What’s the latest with the Mystery Jets?
We’re aiming to finish off the album by Christmas and have it out in the spring.

What are your plans for your solo work? Will you tour? 
We toured in the UK and Europe for two weeks at the end of September.

Tell us the last…

…thing you ate?
A fizzy strawberry sweet.

…song you listened to?
Le danse by Slove.

…party you went to?
I DJed at the Ray Ban party on Tuesday.

…movie you watched?
I can’t remember, it’s been so long sadly…

…item of clothing you bought?
A beautiful vintage leather top which looks like a blacksmith’s overall.

What kind of environment do you like to make music in?
I don’t mind, but it’s nice to be isolated in nature or a foreign city.

Where do you find musical inspiration?
By trying to be as open as possible to impressions and experiences.

You’ve worked with a lot of cool people, but who’s the coolest person you know and why?
My wife. Never have I met someone so wise and together. Sometimes I feel like a hysterical schoolgirl in comparison.

Back when you toured with the Mystery Jets did you have any crazy riders for shows? 
There has to be champagne and rice cakes.

What about pre-performance rituals?
Press ups, singing and drinking.

Are you aware that Googling ‘Kai Fish’ often brings results for Koi fish? How do you plan to combat Japanese fish for internet fame?
I need to become as tasty as a salmon avocado hand roll.

We’d be happy to do a taste test for you! There are some very pretty girls in your new music videos, do you get to choose the girls? If so how do you select the ‘right’ girls?
I’ve directed all of the videos so yes I get to choose them! They’re all friends so there’s no casting involved…

That’s awesome. What are the perks of being Kai Fish?
Being married to a woman called Cat Fish.

What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?
It’s silly to be embarrassed, whatever is, is ok.

What’s next for Kai Fish?
I’m going to make a rock and roll album in India. It will be out next year and Jack White will have to retire.


Kai Fish’s album Life In Monochrome is out now on Music For Wolves. If you want to know more about this impending (and possibly sushi flavoured?) king of rock, or have a listen to some of his tunes, head to

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