Internet Trolls MP’s Statement On M’sian Whisky Brand, Saying “It’s Like Drinking Malay Women”

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Ever heard of Malaysian whiskey? This one just won silver at an international event. - Culture
source: Mashable SEA

By this point, we are all familiar with the controversy surrounding Malaysian whisky brand, Timah.

At first, the brand made headlines for winning silver at an international spirits competition in August last year but now, the brand has garnered notoriety for its name.

While Timah means tin ore in Malay, it is also an abbreviation of a Malay female name – Fatimah. Due to this, consumer rights groups have claimed that the whisky offends Malay-Muslims for the far-fetched innuendo.

It can be agreed upon that this debacle is ridiculous and the saturation of angry remarks only act as a distraction from other more important topics that should be discussed in parliament but that fact alone did not stop some ministers from harping on about it nonetheless.

Polisi kerajaan tidak menentu, melompat-lompat - MP Tangga Batu | Astro Awani
source: Astro Awani

Recently, a clip from parliament is garnering criticism from netizens for being outrageous when Pakatan Harapan MP, Rusnah Aluai stated that the brand’s name acts as a disservice to Malay women.

Emphasising that the name is confusing and that it should be renamed to something more innocuous like “The Mines”, she also stated that drinking Timah can allude to “drinking Malay women.”

Watch it below:

The hilariously far-fetched comparison is bound to attract sarcastic remarks from netizens and like clockwork, they clapped back almost instantly.

Here are their reactions:

It may have been all fun and games in the beginning but now, the brand has agreed to reconsider their brand name and image due to the incessant backlash.

Read the full statement below: