Innocent Woman Cyberbullied With Racism Due To Having The Same Name As Hit-And-Run Culprit

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How many of us have a common name? Ever had the experience of when your teacher would call your name in class and you’d have to say “which one?”, or when people would call you by your family name just to make things easier?

Well, this case is far more serious than any roll call.

A woman has been falsely accused of being involved in a hit-and-run accident in Ipoh because she has the same name as the perpetrator.

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A video that got picked up on social media has been circulating, showing the events of the accident that happened last Saturday, 9 October.

A Foodpanda rider was hit by a Mazda driver who then quickly left the scene without stopping to check on the rider.

Netizens were infuriated and posted comments and captions flaming the Mazda driver.

Eventually, one netizen did their own research and found the alleged culprit to be a woman named Chan Sook Mun.

Source: Facebook

The netizen revealed her personal details, such as her car plate number and home address. This was followed by pictures of Chan including her Facebook profile. The online doxing prompted furious netizens to attack her with hateful and racist remarks.

Here’s where it gets messed up – turns out that Chan Sook Mun isn’t even the Mazda driver.

*cue Shaggy’s It Wasn’t Me

Source: Facebook

Chan took to Facebook and told her side of the story about how she got cyberbullied for a crime she didn’t commit. Check it out here.

Additionally, she also filed a police report on the issue and stated that she wasn’t even in Ipoh.

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“I was at the Damansara One Utama shopping mall during that time and have not left Selangor ever since the interstate travel ban.”

But we all know that once something is posted online, it’s up there forever, even if you delete it.

“Even after I removed the original post accusing me of the crime, I still received loads of hateful messages over the accident.”

What’s more is that she has also been receiving racist messages, targeted towards her and her family.

Source: Facebook

Reportedly, til this day she hasn’t received any apologies over her mistaken identity even after the truth surfaced.

“Internet bullying can be really hurtful and affect one’s life,” says Chan.

“Please make sure you understand the whole picture before you make any comments. Don’t just follow the trend blindly.”

Be careful who you point fingers at, because it could seriously affect someone’s wellbeing.