The Infamous Zodiac Killer Has Been Allegedly Identified & It’s a Guy Named Gary

(source: CNN)

For several decades, the mysterious Zodiac Killer has been considered one of the most fearsome serial killers in the United States, in part because he had never been officially identified.

It had begun to look like the public would never get an answer concerning the unknown murderer’s identity, but recently, reports have surfaced that a dedicated team, consisting of dozens of sleuths, has finally cracked the case.

According to CNN, a cold-case task force led by former FBI agents and retired law enforcement officials, dubbed the Case Breakers Team, claims they have finally identified the killer as Gary Francis Poste, who died in 2018.

The killer has been definitively linked to at least five murders through the 1960s, but this group says another victim is the link to their suspect.

(source: Junkee)

Some of the evidence they say that points to Mr Poste includes:

  • A paint-splattered watch bought at a military base found by police after Ms Bates’s murder
  • A heelprint of the same style and shoe size found at three other Zodiac crime scenes
  • Forehead scars similar to the San Francisco Police Department’s sketch of the Zodiac Killer
  • Links between his name and coded messages sent to police by someone claiming to be the killer

While the group is confident in their findings, the San Francisco office of the FBI said in a statement that the case remained open and they had “no new information to share at the moment”.

Sources also told the newspaper that the latest evidence didn’t appear to be conclusive.

(source: Den of Geek)

The Zodiac Killer has been a popular culture inspiration in books, music, television, and films for many years. Beyond documentaries or true-crime stories of the actual events in the Bay Area, such films as Clint Eastwood’s 1971 Dirty Harry and the TV series American Horror Story have used the character as the basis for their fictional stories.