20 y/o Indonesian Influencer’s Final Moments Trapped In Blazing Crane Caught On TikTok Livestream

source: Detik

Recently, news of Indonesian influencer and crane operator with PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI), Nirwana Selle’s death shook the nation. It was revealed that she had been trapped in the crane she was manoeuvring which had suddenly caught fire while she was working.

Reports state that the 20-year-old panicked when she noticed clouds of smoke rising from below while she was in the crane up in the air with another co-worker, but brushed it off and continued her work as usual. By the time she realised that the crane had been torched, it was too late.

source: Intip Seleb

It was later revealed that Nirwana had been filming a live broadcast from the ground which documented the entire incident:

@__nurjanah.nunuy__ Kejadian udah beberapa harii . tapi baru lewat di fyp nii malam . ya Allah mbak cantik smoga husnul khotimah🤲 #aamiinyarabbalalamin #turutberdukacita #atasmeninggalnya #nirwanaselle ♬ Perwiraku teruskan berjuang – Rilex Are Boh

Nirwana’s TikTok profile is currently set to private, but multiple screenshots and censored portions of the footage have gone viral on social media. Other recordings show the influencer excitedly donning a yellow safety helmet while performing a TikTok dance hours prior to the tragedy.

According to North Morowali District Police Chief, AKBP Ade Nuramdan, the fire took place on Thursday, December 22 and claimed two lives. He also noted that the incident was caused by an explosion at the project site.

source: iNews

Indonesian news sites have alleged that the crane was set to a height of a five-floor building and that the door had been latched shut, thus preventing their escape.

PT GNI promised to contribute to the entire administrative process up to the victims’ funerals, including providing compensation for the families left behind and evaluating the work system in the smelter area, the location of the fire tragedy.