PHOTOS: Indo Man Who Fled Home 25 Years Ago To Escape Circumcision Finally Returns To His Family

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source: Bhessika

As an adult, it’s easy to look back at childhood matters with a positive perception. For many, it’s even possible to stifle a laugh when recalling the painful procedure of sunat, or male circumcision that is a hygienic step as much as it is a religious necessity.

However, at 13 years old, the idea of sunat was enough to overwhelm this Indonesian national from Klaten into disappearing for a full 25 years out of pure fear.

Now, at 38 years of age, the man made a sudden return to his home, marking a teary reunion especially for his mother, who reportedly cried and fainted at the sight of her long lost son.

Photos of the instance were captured at the scene:

“Based on evaluations and inquiries with the family, it was discovered that the subject had departed when he was in first grade. According to rumours, it was due to a fear of circumcision,” Joko Prayitno, a member of the Social Welfare Coordination Team for the Klaten subdistrict, claimed.

He also noted that the family had been in desperate search of the man for the past two decades, but to no avail.