In Less Than 24 Hours, Malaysians Raised Up To RM7.5 Million to Fight Country’s Debt via Tabung Harapan

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It is not a hidden fact now that our country has a national debt of RM1 trillion since Tun Mahathir announced it two weeks ago. However, the way Malaysians reacted after hearing this announcement was quite heartwarming and touching to watch as many have offered to contribute in lowering the debt by establishing crowdfunding and cash donations, some MPs even donated their salaries. The togetherness among all of us has blossomed since the election and I hope it continues to make our nation greater for the betterment of all.

Here are what some Malaysians who support the idea, have to say:

However, there were also people who were not so happy about Tabung Harapan and they made themselves heard as well…

The government came up with this idea so that there wouldn’t be any scams in the crowdfunding and the people can trust where their money goes as the Ministry of Finance will be handling all the money collected.

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir said that this is a way to allow the public who were keen on helping the government strengthen its financial position, to do so. It is optional and no one is being forced to donate if it’s not from their own will.


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As of 3pm today, MoF announced that Tabung Harapan Malaysia have managed to raise over RM7.5 million in just less than 24 hours. Now, that’s the Malaysian unity spirit! To those who would like to donate to Tabung Harapan, you can do so by giving cash (in Ringgit Malaysia only) to their Malayan Banking Berhad account, number 566010626452, as stated in the statement above.

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