In Case You Missed It, Contactless Payment Via MyDebit is Offered at LRT Stations Now

(Source: Soyacincau)

It’s quite understandable if you’ve been an avid public transportation user before but at this point have lessened your usage of trains and busses due to the ongoing pandemic. Therefore, if you didn’t already know, a new method for contactless payment has been recently set up at various LRT Stations.

The stations with this new system include Wangsa Maju, Lembah Subang, Pasar Seni, and Taman Bahagia among others. The contactless system by RapidKL and PayNet allows Mastercard PayPass and Visa PayWave, however, the system appears to be configured for MyDebit only for now.

(Source: @keywai_ on Twitter)

Twitter user @keywai posted a picture of the new payment method and it has since gone viral with many netizens supporting the idea and hoping that it will be a permanent option for paying. However, some are also concerned about the payment method’s safety.

Although the contactless payment is on a trial run, hopefully, it will be implemented permanently at all stations including the LRT and MRT line and even on busses. This new system will not only be helpful for locals but for tourists too.