Immigration Rejects MyTravelPass For Same-Sex Couple; “Please Repent” Given as Reason

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The MCO has prohibited interstate travels which hinders long-distance couples from seeing one another.

While there have been ludicrous reasonings for civilians to travel interstate, such as wanting to shop in Genting Highlands, it’s only now that we’ve come across an equally outrageous reasoning to reject an application.

Recently, human rights lawyer Siti Kasim uploaded a post on her Facebook page, detailing the plight of same-sex couples during MCO.

According to her, these couples were not allowed to travel interstate simply because they were not a heterosexual couple. The reasoning given by the Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (JIM) was: Others – Mohon Bawa Bertaubat, which translates to “Please, repent.”

Read the post below:


You know since the border closure many have not reunited with their loved one. Since…

Posted by Siti Kasim on Thursday, February 4, 2021

The human rights lawyer received the screenshot from the Instagram page @love_is_not_tourism_malaysia which is a collection of stories from citizens who are currently living apart from their significant other.

Have a look:

According to the owner of the Instagram page, these rejections have been increasing in numbers since the recent MCO started but there’s no particular reason as to why it’s happening now. At the time of writing, the page’s owner is currently conducting a survey to figure out just how many same-sex couples have been affected by this.

JUICE has also reached out to JIM for an explanation on the issue but has yet to receive a response.

This story is currently developing…