Identify Your Favourite Fictional Characters’ Personal Goods

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Props and costumes are integral in injecting personality and humanity to a fictional character, yes? A well-written character that’s ‘three dimensional’ is great and all, but we all need a tangible object that becomes the extension of said character. Holden Caulfield has that hunting hat that he wears in a demented way, Mia Wallace has that blunt bob, and there’s a plethora more examples — iconography is important in popular culture. So here, instead of the top drawers of UK’s top creative professionals, Hiive — a LinkedIn for creatives — and photographer Harry Mitchell have decided to take a stab at providing some carefully selected items that signify certain famous TV/film characters. For instance, for Peter Parker, there’s a book on radioactivity concealing a Spider-Man mask, then there’s Don Draper’s favourite brand of cigarettes, and of course, a spot-on reduction of Bridget Jones; grandma knickers and Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself’ to boot.

There are also stuff from Mugatu of Zoolander, Carrie Bradshaw, and Murray Hewitt of Flight of the Conchords below:

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