Icona Pop: Sweet Swedes

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Not to be a pretentious local who’s not aware of the one season nature of this country, but summer time has cometh and it’s time for a song that represents that. Stockholm pop duo Icona Pop’s latest single is destined to live up to the band’s namesake, an iconic pop track that also fulfils its own name sake, we love ‘I Love It’.

Written by London’s go-to pop maestro Charli XCX, the track is a breezy mix of modern indie pop with dancefloor-friendly electro synths that has band members Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelth registering their voices to concert-level loudness. Screaming proclamations of being a ‘90s bitch and not caring about throwing your sh!t down the stairs.

It’s irresistibly infectious with seemingly innocent energy to its adorably risqué lyrics. Charli herself would have done this song justice, but her giving it up and passing it to these two sweet Swedes is the kind of serendipitous choice pop history is made of.


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